YouPro Project Final Dissemination Event

The YouPro project’s final dissemination event took place on the evening of Wednesday 24th September 2014 in Nottingham, UK. The event was attended by over 30 people who have been involved with the project as learners, business managers and members of government agencies. The event was also attended by representatives of six of the seven European partners who have executed the project in their respective countries.

The event kicked off with a presentation by the partnership on the results of the project. Attendees learned, for example, that over 80 young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) had completed the project and that over 100 small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Europe have benefitted from a YouPro work placement internee.

Dissemination Event

The evening then took an unexpected turn as attendees were informed that an urgent missive had arrived from Ion Dunga, founder of new European company, seeking advice about creating a social media presence for the new brand. Mr Dunga told the audience via a YouTube message about his innnovative ‘Stripey Paint’ product that he hoped would be a hit in the UK home improvement market. Attendees split into teams and were asked to write down a slogan, hashtags and an introductory Tweet for Stripey Paint.

Next, a YouPro learner shared her experience of the project with the assembled audience. Responding to questions from a member of staff, Lizzie Freeman explained how the project had allowed her to gain new skills in social media for business. Lizzie went on to gain permanent employment with her work placement company, All About Tourism.

Before the end of the evening, the winners of the Stripey Paint marketing challenge were announced. In a further twist, Mr Dunga (role-played by a member of the partnership) arrived in person to share his unique brand vision, personally debrief the audience and select a winning team. The lucky winners walked away with an enhanced CV and bag of goodies containing a small memento from each of the partner counties.

Finally, learners from the most recent iteration of the project in the UK were awarded their certificates of completion. The evening was a great success and the partnership would like to thank everybody who attended, and everybody who has supported the project to date.

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