YouPro Project Delivery is Underway!

YouPro project delivery is now underway. In 6 participant countries, around 90 learners and over 100 partner businesses are engaged with the project. The project puts the learners through an intensive 8-week training course in social media promotion and online marketing; the learners are then paired with 2-3 partner businesses where they undertake a work placement with the aim of increasing the online visibility of the business. The project directly supports the priorities of the European Union’s Europe 2020 growth strategy: smart, sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development.

YouPro Romania Learners

Delivery is taking place in the project’s 6 full partner countries: Romania, UK, Italy, Austria, Germany and Portugal.

In Romania (pictured, right), delivery at partner organisation CIVITAS began in October 2013. 16 learners aged 19-24 are currently learning about how to promote business effectively using cutting-edge marketing techniques. Feedback from learners has been excellent and the project will enter the work placement phase in the near future.

In the UK (pictured, below), delivery at partner organisation and project promoter Central College Nottingham began in September 2013. The project has already entered the work placement phase, and 10 learners are currently working with local businesses to improve how they market their products and services. YouPro learner Tom Pickard said:

“My experience on the project to date has been excellent. I have learned new, practical skills and learning has taken place in a relaxed but professional environment. I am looking forward to applying what I have learned on my work placement.”

James Mcmeeking, also on the UK project said:

“I feel better equipped to enter the world of work having taken part in YouPro. I would describe it as a unique and challenging learning experience.”

YouPro UK Learners

In Italy, delivery is underway at partner organisation CESFOR Roma. CESFOR received hundreds of applications for the project and selected 16 people not in education, training or employment to participate. The project is progressing well.

In Austria, the YouPro project is being delivered at partner organisation BFI Wien. Delivery began in October 2013 and 13 learners are currently in the training phase.

In Germany, around 20 learners are participating in the project at partner organisation EUROPANORAT. In Portugal, delivery will commence in mid-November 2013 with over 15 learners. The partner organisation is ETIC.

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